Lots of people may think that anime is for children. However, the truth is not like that. Almost 70% of anime on TV is meant for teenagers or even adults. For instance, the gore genre Shingeki no Kyojin or Kabaneri of Iron Fortress, those anime are really meant for adults since you will watch the bloody scene that forbidden for the kid to watch.

That’s why, since the anime is filled with the adult world, the development of culture doesn’t end until adolescent. There are lots of adults that also focus on that culture, like maid cafe and anime cosplay. Most of the cosplayers are performed by professional with talented tailors. They compete with each other to make the best costumes. Even in several anime events and conventions, there’s also anime cosplay competition.

For those who still not familiar with anime, the anime itself derived from animation. While Japanese people read that word with “animeeshon”, so they short it and word of anime is born, according to Anime Bibly. While in the USA the animation is called cartoon, the Japanese people tend to call it with anime until now. So, if there’s someone who asks you what’s the differences between anime and cartoon, you simply answer that Anime comes from Japan. While the art style itself has a huge difference, especially the character design. You can see SpongeBob and Naruto for example.

Anime Cosplay Could Be A Unique Fashion

Vampire Loli Girl cosplay, Krul Tepes, from Owari no Seraph anime series

Back to the topic, anime cosplay got its development since then and gained popularity around the world. So, people will see that the anime cosplay is a fresh and more unique style in the fashion world. Since the costume is based on the characters design, the most meritorious person may be the illustrator.

In anime and manga world, there is 3 type of creators. The writer, the illustrator, and someone who’s doing 2 that jobs. For example, the Sword Art Online light novel or Death Note manga was written and illustrated by the different author, while the Naruto manga was written and illustrated by the same author.

If you are someone who really wants to try to make your own anime cosplay, it’s crucial to learn the character in question first. Please note that not only the costume you should learn but also the personality in overall.

I’ve ever seen someone who cosplaying the shy and quiet Azunyan from K-On, but her personality looks like Hirasawa Yui, she’s very cheerful and happy-go-lucky, and it makes me feel sick to see alone. In other word, people will not only how great your costume are, but also your “play” as the character that you want to choose. That’s why it’s called the cosplay!