Award Travel Amazon as Uber, Customers Make Deliveries!

The idea, if you think about it, is simple but brilliant in its way because it allows you to ‘create a business-friendly’ through the same business, the end customer. Amazon would be thinking – the rumor is the Wall Street Journal – to a delivery service where the bell will be the users themselves.

The rumor also explains how Amazon is developing an app through which recruit and pay for ordinary people to make deliveries rather than specialized companies Would bring the parcels in destinations that are street to their path. In doing so Amazon would be able to reduce shipping costs, beyond the 19 euro order, they are completely free for customers.

The new Amazon service would be called On My Way and also provides for the rental of tools from DIY shops and areas where to station the goods to be delivered. Also according to the WSJ, the service would give Amazon a more direct check on deliveries in addition to cutting service costs, which last year grew by 31%.

It must be said, finally, that the delivery strategy ‘to Uber’ is not new for Amazon, considering that the United States is already on the delivery of fresh food and is testing a shipping system that provides deliveries it expressed directly in the trunk of ‘ car customer.
The ebook can be modified at any time and is available on the Kindle family of devices, eReaders and tablets, and, thanks to free Kindle reading applications on iPad.

How does it work

Here is the working mechanism the author of a book of one hundred pages read a hundred times earns $ 1,000. The author of a book of two hundred pages read a hundred times earns $ 2,000. The author of a book of two hundred pages downloaded a hundred times but left unfinished by readers, earns the same amount.

The mission is in fact, as stated by the Chief Executive Officer Jean-Dominique Senard Michelin, is the creation of a new and effective sales business model of tires, providing simple and efficient shopping experience in all steps from the choice of tires mounting, up to assistance, all starting from the web.

The Michelin group is understandably eager to reap the benefits of this great and profitable acquisition and, given the potential offered by the market of online sales, profits to 360 degrees will record huge sales for Michelin and its acquired companies.