Before A Traditional House

The plants were the only element that characterized this part of the house. For the rest, everything is presented in a rather anonymous. The few outdoor furniture seemed forgotten there for who knows how long and finish of the walls and floor were absolutely nothing special.

Before back in time

The choices made inside were not of great character, there was nothing that stood out. Some details were definitely to be deleted, such as painting on the wall indolexa. For the rest, everything seemed to stop at an earlier age and the sense of disorder was undeniable.

First the kitchen

The kitchen was totally obsolete. The choice, then, to hang on the walls plates, it is at least questionable! The table and chairs, with those pillows have really outdone look and the kitchen cabinets are dark and oppressive. Not to mention the floor!

After the change

Now the house is in a completely different way it is modern, basic shape, the lines are defined. In short, it is a sophisticated minimalist residence. The large windows alternate with opaque side and the white plaster finds its counterpoint in the white stone floor, surrounding the house. Privacy is ensured by a wall.

After a magnificent work space

The spaces inside the house have been reorganized so as to ensure a more rational use. Now reigns in the total white and sense of heaviness that was there before the work is only a memory. The space adjacent to the stairs has become a splendid library to ceiling, with parts open and others closed, in a pleasant alternation of solids and voids.

After the new kitchen

With the renovation, the kitchen has gained a greater height, greatly guadagnandone. Now is an airy space with great visual impact. The black wall is of great elegance and creates a beautiful contrast with the light wood furnishings. Excellent choice to use a work plan so often, this also black, to resume the wall.

After details

Here we can observe the kitchen environment – dining room from another point of view. The door, with uprights and cross stone is a masterpiece, is a wonderful way to pay tribute to the identity of this Mediterranean home. The wall is delicious, with that delicate collage in black and white! The chairs are a masterpiece of design and their lightweight match very well at the table, so square and massive.