Braccialini 2015, The Collection Of Autumn Winter Bags

Braccialini 2015, the new autumn winter sweater collection is exotic, trendy and definitely glam. From the handbags to carry handy and generous handbags to wear on your shoulder and fit to your body, here are the most beautiful models of the new Braccialini line. Find them in our gallery.

Even Braccialini’s is one of the most anticipated autumn shopping collections and all addicted fashion lovers of brand style look forward to wearing some of these models with a very distinctive design in their wardrobe  stylecation. Here’s a small preview of the new Braccialini Autumn Winter 2014-2015 collection.

As always, we start from the top models, the most characteristic ones this year the brand has focused on two different power symbols, one represented by the head of a tiger and the other bags desainer, less subtle conceptually, embodied by a purse that dresses the A true throne.

In general, in view of the cold season, which in many countries because of the hot heat already waiting with some impatience, Braccialini has turned its attention to the symmetries of more classic design, with a range of handbags and accessories made with exotic leather such as Reptile, proposed for the occasion in a degraded version about new bags. There are so many handbags with double handle and the perfect animal style handbags, not to mention the bags and straps that complete a collection that we are sure will breach in your hearts.

Looking for a new bag to deal with autumn style Have a look at our gallery, all models are already available for sale on the Braccialini E-store.
Prada once again offers us a stunning collection, perfectly in tune with the great trends of winter, full of ankle boots, high boots and boots with geometric finishes. Complete the most comfortable shoe line with heels, slippers, moccasins and of course a really variegated range of décolletés.

Great creativity, as always, Italian tradition and great elasticity here are the most obvious features of the new Prada Autumn Winter 2014-2015 winter shoe collection that accompanies us with style at any time of the day.

Femininity, the most classic but contemporarily eccentric, is undoubtedly the key to reading a collection that puts aesthetics and comfort in the foreground, not by chance most of the footwear of this line has square and comfortable ankles or high heels.