Are there some contemporary artists that bring back those wonderful feelings we all got from songs in the 60’s and 70’s or are we all doomed to listen over produced synth pop tunes that seem as though the lyrics were stolen by a thirteen year old women journal for another 50 decades?

Contemporary MusiciansWhenever you’re seeking modern musicians, what springs to mind? Justin Bieber. Selena Gomez. Katy Perry. Dirks Bentley. Chainsmokers. Lil Wayne. Ringing bells?

Despite your best attempts, you have likely heard particular names a bit more than you’d have liked to. Do not worry. The titles which were jammed to your reluctant ears OVER and OVER and OVER aren’t at all of the only musicians creating music nowadays rather than all music is all about shallow, shallow themes and crap. Marketing has been working hard to drown out everybody but a couple of individuals but fear not, here are a few hints of fresh air that are modern, elegant and you may not have heard of these as far as the titles I said.

These are a few folks who put the “art” back into modern artist.

Her range is totally ridiculous and unlike most picture heavy actors, she is accurate and transparent. She appears to exude energy which has hasn’t been fabricated by means of a tag, a focus group or a control firm, she’s simply only her and you’ll be able to see if readily in her entirely show-stopping amazing heavy performances.

Derek Trucks – An almost albino successor into the Alman Brothers Band, this timid looking man started touring together at just thirteen, but the minute you see him perform, you mill understand immediately, he can only be among the best guitar players ever to lie.

The Black Keys – OK, OK, so that they are not THAT unknown. This white-as-saltines energy duo really did not actually have any programs for super stardom if they started out… they were only trying to cover rent and remain alive. The awards, world tours and incredibly prosperous music career came just after their very small beginnings. Additionally, in case you’ve got a moment, check out “Tighten Up” their humorous music video where you could see their on camera sons and them pummeling each other to bloody pulps within a fairly girl and her daughter.

YAY! This American Blues Rock group is fronted by Brittany Howard, a girl who participates and plays so powerfully, you would swear she could control a tornado to put down and go to sleep. They mix Janis Joppelin, Otis Redding, Aretha Frankiln as well as David Bowie!

For you, tired lover of great music who’d prefer a rest from tunes about unintelligible crap, may your spirit be quenched from a fast googling of those rings. Keep listening. Keep enjoying. Keep demanding more of your songs. It’s you and only you that divides the planet from being slaughtered with a sonic tsunami of meaninglessness.