Recently had their first child, of course, many things related to lifestyle that need to be adjusted. This includes choosing the ideal personal car for the little guy. Toyota 4runner 2018 New Design

Certainly not a van or pickup truck would be an option, despite the type of car that has a myriad of features expensive. Cook, children equated with the goods?

select a family car

Select a private car that has the following features in order to experience more comfortable and secure berkendaramu together baby:

1. Equipped Isofix

Isofix is ​​an international standard for hook special baby seat in the car seat. In some Western countries, Isofix shall be pinned on the output of brand-new cars for safety kecil.Sebab infant or child, the car seat design rated not safe for babies despite already equipped with seat belts.

Unfortunately, citizens of Indonesia does not have the awareness to put the baby in the seat khusus.Seringnya, only child laps or made to sit in the cabin with a seat belt in the middle.

Yet this is dangerous if the car is involved in an accident, because the safety not created for children, but adolescents and adults.

2. There is a car and window lock

His name was a child, there is a desire to play. Including toy cars windows. They do not understand that it is dangerous.

We as parents can only warn and prevent, among other things, enable the car and window lock . Thus, children can not open the windows and doors because all arranged haphazardly in the cab for safety.

3. Find a relief

Car with seven seats are very popular, especially the reasons that could not accommodate more people. When new children, the car 7-seat also could be an option for relief.

Small children generally love back and forth while in the car even dangerous. When the cabin is narrow, the danger of it becoming apparent. Hit the roof or seats, for example.

The cabins were relieved also be used to put a big kid gear. For example stroller and bags of clothes and other necessities.

4. Efficient

The important features for ya purse safety. Due to already have children, spending should increasingly tightened as the need increases.

Austerity is also included for fuel. Select economical car petrol let money control.

5. It has side air-bags

Side air bags is important to protect the impact from the side for the passengers in the back seat. Despite sitting in a special chair with a child safety belt, not a guarantee can avoid a collision when the crash.

Rather than take the risk, mending choose a car that has side airbags . Thus, children will be saved from impact due to air cushions that come out when the accident occurred.

6. Blower in the middle of the cabin

Almost all new cars are equipped with air output air ( air conditioner / air conditioning). But some do not have a blower in the middle of the cabin.

As a result, passengers in the rear cabin will overheat. Well, let the child calmer and not swelter, looking for a car that has a blower in the middle of the cabin.

Caution colds ya know that in front of the fan continues hehehe ( swelter / faridaryan)

Many cars have a large selection of features above, just select the most fit in the bag.The problem is sometimes difficult to make choices because of the limited budget.

In this condition, do not push the car buying cash because it can interfere cashflowfamily finances. Moreover, the need has grown for their baby.

The solution, just buy on credit. Many finance companies are ready to assist, for example Mandiri Tunas Finance .

Vehicle loans from the Bank’s subsidiaries offer easy terms, including a minimum income of USD 3.5 million. Moreover, the tenor is also up to 5 years.

Live arithmetic ability to pay installments per month just to determine how many years taking any credit. Should maximize cash advance installments per month in order to be lighter. Do not forget to compare offers of more credit in order to get the most appropriate to the needs.