Stubborn pimples sometimes leave marks like black spots on our faces. Black stains are also difficult to lose even though we often wash the face with facial foam or facial wash. To deal with acne scars are hard to lose, you can try 5 ways below.


Drinking Water

Yep, maybe this way sounds trivial but it is very useful to remove acne scars gradually. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. It can help you remove dead skin cells.

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Night Mask

In addition to drinking water, wearing a night mask is also recommended to remove acne scars. Try making a mask by mixing rose water and sandalwood. Apply evenly on your face, and rinse the next day.

Nutritional food

Eating nutritious foods can also remove acne scars. Reduce consumption of junk food and try eating foods that have a balanced nutrition.

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Pro Light Laser

If you have enough budget to remove acne scars on your face, you can try safe pro-laser technique. This technique can also be called a laser therapy that cleans your face of the painless black spots.