Green Tea For HeadacheDrinking green tea has lots of use especially for your health because it is rich with antioxidants and nutrients that will help to keep your body in good condition. Green tea has known world wide as a healthy beverage, and a great choice if you want to lose fat, improving your brain functions, and even help you to prevent cancer and other dangerous disease. Green tea can also help you to deal with headache or migraine, but at the same time, it can also gives you headache because of certain circumstances.

Green tea has approximately 8 mg to maximum 36 mg caffeine in a 5 ounce cup. Caffeine is a main ingredient of green tea, and that active ingredient that will help you to relieve the pain from various kind of headache. Unfortunately, that same ingredient may also trigger headache as well for certain people. The reason for this is usually because someone consume caffeine beverages everyday and quite often, and when they stop consume it, they will experience various kind of headaches. For that reason, the health committee suggest to reduce the amount of caffeine consume by people who experience headache often as it will trigger the headache.

Nonetheless, green tea is still a great healthy beverage to consume. Various study has proven that a dose of caffeine will help increase effectiveness of pain reliever drugs, that is why green tea become a recommended beverage, including for headache. Another usefulness of caffeine is that it will increase the body’s ability to absorb medications, in this case, pain reliever. So if you get a headache, you may want to try consuming green tea but reduce the dose of the pain reliever. That way you can reduce the risk of too much taking medication, since the caffeine inside green tea will help to maximize your drugs effects.

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