We are living in a culture and society which promotes our efforts at pursuing the fantasies of their hearts, and in getting the claims of God. However, over and above, it’s been demonstrated from Biblical standpoint that individual effort alone isn’t capable in the bidding to getting the blessings and promises of God. Although man’s attempt of religion is going to be necessary, that campaign has to be enabled with the grace of God to allow this to deliver us God’s blessings.

Back in John 5:1 – 7, people have been awarded colorful account of Jesus’ experience with an undercover guy from the pool of Bethesda together with five porches. Especially in verse seven people had been advised that the incompetence of this guy’s attempt in bringing his recovery. His incompetent attempt made him to stay in that state for approximately 38years.

I would like you to find that the guy said “while I had been arriving” showing that he was really making attempts to getting his recovery but sadly his individual efforts didn’t bring him his own recovery. We have to know that up to God’s realm is concerned the race isn’t to the rapid neither the battle to the strong.

The man attempted moving towards his recovery but couldn’t get it since those things of God aren’t obtained by individual efforts. The Scripture states except that the Lord builds the town, they labor in vain, they all construct. Maybe you have laboured together with your power in attaining the assurance of God and didn’t get it? The attempt of man with no grace of God cannot provide you with the guarantee of God.

It was obvious that the man’s attempt could not bring his recovery. His recurrent failure brought him pity and forced him to conclude he won’t be cured.

Jesus coming was important, and I need to find out two things. To start with Jesus coming to the guy shows that guy’s attempt will constantly demand the grace of God so as to get God’s blessings and promises. It’s the arrival of elegance which makes your efforts rewarding. External God’s grace, man’s attempt will always result in frustration, frustration and disgrace.

It’s of fantastic significance which our individual attempts are via the grace of God.

Second, Jesus arrived at the guy at the stage when his attempts couldn’t bring his recovery. As soon as you believe that you can assist yourself God will abandon it. In assisting yourself I suggest you choosing the position of God in attempting to attract God’s promises to maneuver on your lifetime. You can not do exactly what God can perform. Scripture states that we should be nevertheless do we could observe God’s interventions within our own scenarios in our own lives.