1. Batik Wallpaper

Batik is a traditional fabric from Indonesia. This special fabric is made of candle which is burn with colors, dominantly brown. Batik patterns are different than other fabric pattern. As batik has the unique pattern and a traditional fabric from Indonesia, it is often used as the additional decoration for some furniture. It is like Javanese people loved to hang 2 meters long batik fabric on their wall, similar to Balinese. From that, Batik has applied on other Indonesian furniture. The variant pattern of Batik could show the characteristic of the house owner, which is liking culture.

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  1. Batik Covered Door and House Pole

Batik is also hanged on the door, not fully covered but only cut in line to give the traditional character to the house. As it has been applied to some furniture, batik covered has been the characteristic of Indonesian furniture. Javanese people also often used batik fabric to cover their house pole. Most of Javanese old style house has the four woodened pole inside the house. The four pole has the cultural meaning which there are four important foundation to build family. Some of the house even has five pole woodened foundation which means the five principal of life (according to their belief). To decorate these pole, it is then covered with batik, to give more ornaments and beauty look.

  1. Batik Covered Table Set

Batik is also used for covering the table or as the backrest cover of the rest. Furniture with batik is indeed known to be the original of Indonesian furniture jeparacrafters.com. Batik are also cut into small size and paste it on the chair feet. It is similar to Balinese furniture, which is used the typical Bali fabric to cover some furniture. If Javanese used Batik, Balinese use the black white square shaped fabric, as the characteristic of Bali fabric. The shape is similar to chessboard.