Art body tattoo aka sacked now is seen as a form of self statement. However, before you put a permanent “painting” on your skin, know first what are the bad effects.

Drug and food Supervisory Agency of USA (FDA) recently updated the Guide regarding tattoos and questioning its safety.

In his notes, the FDA receives 364 reports of ill effects of tattoos in the period 2004-2016. The popularity of tattoos are indeed on the rise, but the FDA will remind the danger.

Here are a few things that should be considered before making a tattoo:

You probably already know the importance of making a tattoo in a place that is clean and reliable, as well as the compulsory use of the tools are sterile. However, according to the FDA, we could also be exposed to infections from contaminated inks bacteria or fungi.

The use of sterile water to dilute the pigment (color ingredients added in) is a major cause of infection in ink, though not the only one. Unfortunately, there is no way to know if the ink used is free of contamination or not.

-The content in ink
In research in the United Kingdom found the presence of toxic compounds found in many tattoo ink is currently due to the influx of cheap ink from China, which are not set standards of security. In fact, there is also a tattoo studio that use printer ink or paint the car.

-Allergic reactions
When we are exposed to the infection, will appear a reddish rash around the tattoo area. Allergic reactions have also had the same symptoms, inflammation and itching. Because tattoos are permanent, so the reaction of the alerginya as well.

-Do not do it yourself
The FDA cautions that we do not make your own tattoos, mainly because of the risk exposed to infections and allergies.

Indeed not all people will experience such dangers, some people make tattoos and not experience any reaction. However, keep in mind that when we insert the needle into the skin, there is a risk to health.