Jewelry And Food, All Limited Editions For Expo Milano

In the wake of the international exhibition, the rages coupled jewelry and food here is all limited editions for Expo Milano 2015 subjects with themed food. Let’s find out what are the capsule collection of jewelry inspired by the food that enhance the raw materials and specialties of the Mediterranean diet, paying homage through charms colorful and refined.

The international exhibition themed food, as well as having inspired fine collections of fashion and art events featuring food, has meant that some brands would create original limited editions for Expo Milano 2015.

Among the most interesting are the new collection of Lucky Chef Dodo Pomellato celebrating Expo with a capsule collection inspired by the world food altogether The collection celebrates the love of our country to the kitchen through the original charm bracelets to be applied at will to create fun and unique compositions. Among the selection proposal by the brand we are shaped charms of kitchen utensils and food, such as pots, ladles, colanders, cake and pudding, all in silver and rose gold, perfect to mix with other pendants from the collection Pomellato.

The most interesting comes from Jewels Dop, the first brand of jewelry in Italian food that creates jewelry by hand with subjects inspired cuisine and food. The collection Jewels Dop honoring excellence agribusiness and Italian cultural heritage on the occasion of the International Exhibition held in Milan for the next month. The jewelry is made of silver and enamelled by hand and can be added to bracelets with silver mesh or wire cloth, according to taste.

The line is produced in Arezzo and is the result of the union of Young Jewelers of Italy Arezzo and a designer who set out to enhance the Mediterranean culinary delights and raw materials of our land through the precious Italian goldsmith. The charms inspired by the food, ranging from pizza to puff, from San Marzano tomatoes to eggplant, through the baba and the red onion, alongside other symbols that recall places and Southern Italy, as the Trulli of Alberobello the mask of Pulcinella.

Perhaps less valuable, but just as original and colorful, is the Swatch Mediterranean Dolce Vita, four clocks on the theme food and the kindness of good food Italian. The subjects Tomatella, watch dedicated to the tomato, Vitamins Boost Dial occupied by a slice of orange, Onione with large red onion on the dial, and Sardina, with the funny image of a sardine. The collection is a fun idea for those who want to promote the joys of cooking through colorful souvenirs very ironic.

Find out in the gallery all jewelry collections dedicated to Expo Milano 2015 to choose pieces that are for you and that will revive with style your summer outfits.