Lots of services for free sites on the internet and you can choose which one you like. This service is not only free but also provides an easy to use application in making the site. So you do not have to hesitate to use it even if you lay about blogging or programming languages.

Kind of the Best Free Website to Create

Here is a list of websites that provide services for free and easy site. To be able to use their services, you just register by using your email.

1. Google Sites

This service provided by Google is easy to use to create a simple site. Not least users come from company employees to build intranet sites between employees. Unfortunately, sites created with this service are no-follow so it is less good to build backlinks.

2. Jimdo

The free app for the site provided by Jimdo is simple and easy to follow, albeit somewhat different from the general structure of other free blogs. Features in this service is able to integrate various content that we want, from text, image, to video. But to take advantage of the image gallery that is so attractive on this website, we must become a premium member first.

3. Weebly

Creating free sites and blogs with Weebly is very easy to do. Whether to create a personal blog or for business purposes. Like Jimdo, Weebly includes a do-follow site so it is very well utilized to build link juice.

4. Tumblr

This website provides services to create text pages, photos, videos, or music that is easy to share or share to other members or internet users. Tumblr may be more accurately said to be a content-sharing place than a free site service.

5. Webnode

Webnode provides a service with quite innovative features by drag and drop from the toolbar to build the site. With the existing facilities, we can create polls, forums, or catalogs to make our site more functional.

6. Edicy

If you want to build a business or organization site, you may want to try Edicy. Features of this website is quite complete and also easy to use in combining text with pictures or video and make use of the design that has been provided for free as well.

7. Wix

This website provides features that are also quite sophisticated yet easy to use to create a free website but with a professional impressed appearance. If you are looking for a free but interesting site service, you need to try Wix.