Kirito is one of the most popular characters in the anime world. He’s cool and surrounded by cute girls like Asuna, Leafa, Silica, and others. It’s no surprise for several handsome anime fans would try to perform Kirito in cosplay way.

As you know that Kirito has so many version. For this reason, you have to learn the character first and which version you want to cosplay. Each version has different costume and swords, despite you can choose which costume and sword freely, but people tend to judge you and there is a risk you will be mocked online after the cosplay event ended.

To avoid that, you must choose the right equipment and costume. The first one, let’s talk about the costume first. There is 2 type of costume he wore in Sword Art Online game. You can see more detail about Sword Art Online Kirito coat in the different page because in this article we will only focus on the Kirito cosplay swords themselves.

Kirito Cosplay Sword You Need To Choose

Let’s take a look to the first costume – not very first in his beta-version. When Kayaba Akihiko announced that the 10K players are trapped within the game, all players transform into their real face in the real world. From here, Kirito always wearing the black coat with his sword called “Elucidator”. He also uses the dual blade with other one called “Dark Repulser” created by Lisbeth. In SAO version, you can choose those 2 swords for you cosplay equipment. You can also wear the KoB clothes with that swords.

After SAO arc ended, Kirito went to the ALfheim Online with different swords. He uses really long two handed swords without a specific name. After GGO arc, he went back to the Alfheim with a different costume and another sword, including Excalibur.

While in GGO, he’s using the FN Five Seven and Photon Sword called Kagemitsu G4. While this version is far from the fantasy world, but a sci-fi instead that set like in the far future.

So, you can choose which version you really love the most, and you can be a great cosplayer as Kirito with a huge amount of fans! Don’t disappoint them!