This is the most important part in social media marketing. Without having interesting content, all the things you do in social media will be useless. There are many things that can be discussed about the content. More specific to each social media will be discussed in the next chapter.

For now, we will discuss the basic concept. Success in social media marketing is determined by 3 things:

  • Quality of content
  • Post time selection
  • Frequency of posting

Although the quality is high, but if you are wrong in choosing the time then the results will be less than the maximum. Similarly for frequency / number.

Simple Ways to Social Media Content Strategy

Not only that, we already know some kind of content: text, links, pictures, and videos. It turns out that not all types of content will get the same number of interactions. Certain types of content will get more like / share / retweets.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Type of post in social media. Based on official data released by Twitter, this is the kind of tweets that get the most retweet:

Most Retweet

The above percentage is the number of additions compared to the usual tweets. So a tweet with hashtag gets + 16% over regular tweets, photos get 35%, video 28% and so on.

On Facebook a little different. This is the kind of post that gets the best results on Facebook:

The Facebook organic reach data is the result of analysis from Locowise. The links get the largest reach amount, up to 18% for Page that has like above 10 thousand. Followed text and photos with range between 7-11%

Therefore, if you want to reach many people on Facebook try using links.

Theme Content

From the charts above, we already know that links are the best type of content for social media marketing. Followed by photos and text. But what is the content of the links, photos, and text?

Based on this article from HubSpot, here is the type of content that gets the most share to social media:

List-post: article on list [22.14%]
Why-post: ‘why’ article explanation [22.32%]
Videos: [18.94%]
How-to: guide articles [18.42%]
What-post: ‘what’ explanation article [17.88%]

So the conclusion, the post that got the greatest reach in social media is in the form of links. Knowing what is social media marketing and the most popular links are those that contain articles in the form of a list for example.