You may need to know how to create a personal web to promote your skills. If you are a creative worker who wants to be independent, creating a portfolio site is the right answer. Through the site you can show the results of your work and your creative ability so that can be known to the public.

In the western world, portfolio is a necessity to show our capacity and ability. However, this type of site is generally still dominated by business people who want to offer their services. It is still very rare for this type of site to be made by individuals. In fact, the potential of this kind of site is quite powerful in offering cooperation or looking for large orders.

Steps How to Make Personal Portfolio Website

Well, then how the stages how to create a personal web portfolio this? Here are some steps you can follow.

1. Select and Buy Domain

A portfolio site should showcase professionalism and a strong brand. Therefore select and select the mature domain name you want to use. If you want to name your name as a brand it’s just a shame. We recommend that you specify a domain name based on the name of the business or brand you want to lift.

2. Select and Rent Hosting

Choosing a webhost is easy. Why so, because this is related to the power of hosting and services. Not a bit of sitsu that fell its traffic because of hosting down for days and too heavy to recover that has decreased performance. But as a benchmark, choose a hosting server with Indonesia if you want to target the domestic market, instead select the server abroad according to your target market.

3. Installing WordPress CMS

Use CMS WordPress (WP) for your portfolio site. How to create a personal web with CMS WP is much more effective if using another. You do not have to create a programming website if you do not know about it. The important thing is the CMS is more easily doptimasi so that your sitsu will be more easily known masyarakt broad.

4. Select Portfolio Theme

If you have enough funds, you should buy a premium theme type portfolio. In choosing this theme, adjust the theme structure to your capacity or your competency. If you are a photographer or a painter who wants to display many of your works, you can choose a theme that is more in the direction of the theme wallpaper. That’s how to create a personal web portfolio that may be useful for you.