There are some things that make teak furniture Indonesia different from the others. For a starter, the quality of design and the make can be quite different, up to a personal level. Many of the teak furniture made by Indonesian manufacturers are made by hands. Even with the advent of technology, the craftsmen are still depending on their own skills and ability – not entirely depending on the machines. This is why the quality and the feel of the teak furniture from Indonesia is better than other types.

  teak rattan furniture

The Different Processing Types..

There are different kinds of work and creation of the teak furniture Indonesia:

  • The furniture is completely made by hands. You can see the special details in the finish. The overall construction is smooth but when you take a closer look, you can see asymmetry in the finish. It is not a bad thing, really, because it delivers a more personal feel and touch to the whole design.
  • The furniture is made by the combination of machines and hands. It is possible that some of the general processes like cutting or sanding are done by machines but in the end, the finish and everything are done by hands
  • The furniture is made by machines. When making a mass production, machines can be handy because it eliminates the long processing time and you can make a bulk items in such a short time. But a personalized feel is generally missing from the design because the furniture will look uniformed and all the same.

There is nothing wrong or right concerning the creation process of the furniture. But be sure that you really choose the one from real teak – which is more solid and definitely heavier when compared to other types of wood. If you choose the right manufacturers of teak furniture Indonesia, you should be able to find the right furniture with long lasting quality and also a beautiful finish.