When it comes to marriage – in real life – we should find the best partner or someone we love and then start our new life with him/her. However, in anime fans community, there’s a similar step to find the most favorite characters in the show, and once you find one, they tend to call it “waifu” for female characters, and “husbando” for male characters.

The specific character that could be called waifu or husbando that those who can make you want to marry him/her. For non-anime fans, maybe this gonna be a little weird, but for our community – anime fans – this is totally normal, common, and acceptable.

The recent poll conducted by OtakuMode showed that there are 10 best female characters to marry and more than 1.913 people submitted their votes between May 26 and 29. And here’s the result:

10. Koizumi Hanayo, Love Live!
9. Hirasawa Yui, K-On!
8. Otonashi Kyoko, Maison Ikkoku
7. Hanekawa Tsubasa, Monogatari Series
6. Sakura Chiyo, Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun
4. Chitanda Eru, Hyouka
4. Kato Megumi, Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata

Chitanda Eru and Katou Megumi are competing with each other. It’s not surprising at all if Katou Megumi is on the list, as you know that the anime itself is pretty popular, especially when the second season of Saekano was aired in Spring of 2017.

But it’s different with Chitanda Eru. The anime itself is pretty old but she still sits in 4th position. Unbelievable. For those who still unknown of Chitanda Eru, she is one of the characters from Hyouka, a member of the classic club who has huge curiosity towards almost everything. When she was interested in something, she would say her popular line: “Ki ni narimasu” which means “I’m curious”.

3. Christa, Shingeki no Kyojin

Why not Mikasa? It’s because Christa Lenz has also her own charm. We know that Mikasa is really popular among anime fans, especially Shingeki no Kyojin enthusiasts. However, Christa Lenz has also her own fans. Especially when it comes to “waifu”. If Mikasa is someone who can protect you from Titan, while Christa is a lovely and cute person that makes you want to marry her. However, please note that you have to compete with several former 104th squad members including the Armor Titan “Reiner Broun”. I think you have to kill that bastard first.

2. Rem, Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Here we go, my favorite characters from Re:Zero. And also, she is the first character I saw that switch from the additional character into main characters. “Sorry Emilia, it seems that you have a great rival“. Even Rem is more popular than the main heroine itself.

The 10 Best Waifu For Anime Fans

“Subaru-kun, I win!”

1. Yuki Asuna, Sword Art Online

And the winner is Yuki Asuna from SAO. Well, it’s mainstream. All people already know about it. So, I won’t talk any further about this character. Lol.