The Best External DVD Burners Samsung SE-208GB  RSBDE

Here is the latest Samsung model, which despite the important and reliable brand has one of the best value for money on the DVD burner market. This burner is ideal for those who use portable computers and travels, as it is realized with a very slim design which is never cumbersome during transport. And ‘so thin that the eject button on the unit has not been placed on the door like the other models. Its USB 2.0 connection is fast enough then. Its maximum speed both read and write is instead of 8x. It is not a top like internal recorders but easily allows you to have the minimum required to create DVDs capacious not putting too many hours.

The best external DVD burners Salcar SuperDrive

This model is a brand less known but at the same price of the previous Samsung model offers performance even more prominent with a Panasonic branded chip, so its value for money we call it stellar. It is equipped with USB 3.0 technology, so it will boast a great speed in the link. The design is very stylish thanks to the effect brushed metal, and in addition also has a slot on the bottom for storing the USB cable and easier transport This model then provides low power consumption and a low noise level during burning. The maximum read and write speed is 8x for DVDs and 24x for CDs.

The best external DVD burners Asus SDRW-08D2S-U 90-DQ0435-UA221KZ

Here’s another burner of a very reliable brand, whose design is just as attractive as the previous models. This model is also equipped with software that allows you to burn in just 3 steps. The USB cable, which doubles as well 2 cables for a higher connection speed, it has USB 2.0 technology. Also for this model we have a very low energy consumption. All these features are crowned with a value for money really very convenient. For DVD the maximum speed both read and write amounts to 8x for this modello.Good ergonomics Also here with the presence of a convenient frame of a sponge and weight That is not high enough. Also the lenses are of quality with a realization That Prevents eye strain, and the bands are very strong and do not feel the weight. They are present in this model of the levers to adjust the angle of the lenses according to Functional the eyes,