Vivienne Westwood, The Clothes Without Role

Come alive out of a magical trunk and can not stand no rules and no genres. If they must, they assume the shapes of the wearer. The collection of Vivienne Westwood spring  summer 2017 has not and does not accept the rules. If you impose them to him, he not would look. Are men’s suits, women’s, unisex, no gender No. I’m just clothes that everyone, man or woman, use for what can serve. But clothes are not anarchists. Because they have in mind their role. They are rebels, though. Why rebel against everything, even to the combination.

The shapes and the volumes are there. Recognize pants, skirts, jackets, shoes. Mingle at will, even blending their styles. Because it is said that a laced classic shoe should go under a dress with a jacket and tie it is also good with shorts or with a cloth-shaped skirt. As the skirts are well over pants and trousers not necessarily have to follow the shape of the body. Everything is reinvented, everything finds its own way, because they are born without clothes that role.

The political manifesto activist and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood for this season, which as always is inseparable of his fashion, will defend Julian Assange. Westwood summarizes the embarrassing situation in which we find justice against the head of Wikileaks. In February, in fact, the UN has ruled that Assange is illegally detained and ordered to Sweden and the UK for the immediate release and compensation for violating his rights. But the British government would hand over Assange to the US Justice that wants to prosecute him for espionage. intricate situation that sees for the first time a publishing house accused of a federal crime, so that is the FBI to investigate the case.

A very soft man, from chic easily constructed with high waist pants and patch pockets, silk shirts mordibe, scarves printed with motifs in primitive art collection Fondation Arp in Paris with Miró echoes with the addition of the classic Ferragamo hook and which is worn as a stole on the jacket, a bomber built with 100,000 triangles of leather sewn and embroidered (a masterpiece of craftsmanship whose processing required 290 hours of work). And then a lot of shoes, especially the classic Tramezza which is transformed by the addition of a rubber shield held by elastic, which is transformed into sandal with small platform shaped like models for climbing garden.