Create your own website with self hosting is the right step, especially if we want to plunge in online business or to get results from the internet. This is very different than if we use the free service available. Therefore the greatest benefit of creating your own primary website is to get a blogging experience.

Ways to Make Your Own Quality Website

The main purpose of making a website is to get visitors. Yep really, traffic is the final word you want to target all bloggers. It’s useless to waste money, energy and time in building websites but no visitors coming. In other words, the website that we build also does not provide any benefit to internet users.

Well, for our website to get a lot of traffic, then there are a number of things to note when creating your own website with paid hosting.

• Create a website with an attractive design but simple and nice views. A good website does not have to use the theme magazine because it must be tailored to the type of website that we create. If the content of our site is specific about a particular niche you should use a simple 2 column theme. So it looks attractive appearance that can support the convenience of visitors while reading and enjoying our content.

• Make your own website attractive where explanations or information are provided for each of the metrics that we consider to require a more detailed explanation. Types of sites about tutorials or teaching materials are very suitable with this model, though not close the possibility of other sitsu types also apply the same. Interactive pattern will provide a more unique and memorable experience for our visitors.

• Quality content is a fixed price, but to increase the value of our site more than other sites we must also make visitors feel at home. Among them, set or create a website with a groove that is easy to do and lure visitors to always follow the path that we make. This is an effective way to lower bounce rate while improving the performance of our site.

• Perform onpage optimization by paying attention to all items from our website. From the start the way of writing that pay attention to SEO rules, header tag structure, until the loading page it. Create your own website should pay attention to this because it is very influential on site performance in the eyes of Google.