If you are someone who first wants to make a waterfall pond at home, maybe the first one will cross your mind is to create a large waterfall like a waterfall in some tourist attractions and the outside. Although, it is not always mandatory imitated where you should also see the situation and condition of the house whether to support or not in the process of making the waterfall itself. Size is one of the main foundations in creating a waterfall pool, with the aim that the pond has been designed to have a standard size and does not take up much space in the backyard or on the front page of your home. Because, if the size you design is wrong, will result in the view of the pool is not interesting and disturbing atmosphere.

Usually, a waterfall pond that you often see in some homes is a waterfall that has a height that is never more than 100 cm or 1 m. Because, the waterfall that will be created has no similarity with the pool because the waterfall to be made is a water that serves to add decoration at home, not as a permanent game rides to be used every day like a swimming pool.

In addition to paying attention to its height, another thing that must be considered in measuring pond waterfall is good and appropriate for the house is to measure the extent. The first step in measuring or predicting how large a waterfall to be made disebuah home is to measure and see how wide the house you have. Because usually artificial waterfalls for homes never eat many places. In addition, the size for the area that is usually used to create an artificial waterfall in every home is never more than 300 cm or 3 m because it will disrupt other main land in your home.